The Mind-Body Connection

When we think of health and well-being most of us just think of it in the sense of the physical body.  In fact, in a truly holistic sense it is really about a sense of wellness in EVERY area of your life – not just being physically healthy, but also feeling emotionally balanced and centred, having mental clarity and alertness, being happy in your environment and at ease with who you are.

There are many things that contribute to this, but for now I want to look at the effect that our mind has on how we feel at a physical level.

There is much cutting-edge research being done at some of the major centres of learning and research around how much our mental approach to our health and wellbeing affects us at a physical level.  We have all heard anecdotal stories of people who have cured themselves from something nasty like cancer by visualising the tumour vanishing and the fact is…. They’re true!   Some people have managed the seemingly impossible and reversed serious health conditions.  How do they do it?

It is a case of mind over matter.  In the world of Newtonian physics, the world of the five senses, this is impossible.  But in the Quantum world, the world of energy, which we now all have a chance to tap into, the most amazing transformations are possible.  One of the leaders in the mind, body, spirit field only this week told me a story about how a woman who had polio at the age of 7 and had lived with one leg shorter than the other because of this for over 50 years, now had two legs of the same length after engaging in a period of healing journeys where she tapped into this quantum world!! Impossible, you might say.  But she is living proof this can be done.

The Quantum world is the subatomic world and in very simplistic terms everything in the universe comes down to a base of energy.  There is this vast web of energy that stretches from one side of creation to the other, and we are all part of this.  So not only at the smallest level are we all interconnected through this web – everything I do affects you in some way, and vice versa – but we all hold an energetic blueprint for good health as part of this.

Life, and all its ups and down makes us stray from this blueprint.  Renowned cellular biologist, Dr Candace Pert, author of ‘Molecules of Emotion’ has shown very clearly that when we repress emotions, or don’t cope with issues well certain chemicals are released into the blood stream which block various cell receptors in the body.  If nothing changes, and those cell receptors remain blocked for a long period of time, there is the propensity for disease to be created in this area – literally our emotions can contribute to disease.

What this means is the memory of the trauma, grief, anger, shame, humiliation, frustration, resentment or whatever it might be remains locked deep within the cellular memory, blocking that cells ability to function properly.  It is only when we clear this that the cell can return fully back to healthy function.

People who ‘spontaneously’ heal have managed to reach into themselves at the quantum level and unlock this cell memory and release what is held there.  This is the very same thing that the avatar Jesus Christ did when he healed the sick and lame, and he said very clearly – you can do what I do.  It’s just taken us some time to catch up with the how of it!

The mind-body connection is amazingly strong.  Many of you are aware of the concept that we create our own reality.  Where people have trouble with this is that they look at their lives and say ‘you’re joking!  I haven’t chosen this!’  However, we create from our subconscious mind and beliefs, not our conscious – we’d all be millionaires if we did.  What has been ‘programmed’ into us from an early age has the ability to define our lives and what we can do or achieve.  It is only when we can break free of these limits that we can make the most amazing shifts in our lives – not just at the level of financial abundance, but also physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

What this means is that if you believe at every level of your being that you can heal your health issue – you can.  However, if even a small part of you remains mired within the limits of the Newtonian world of what is deemed possible, the wanted shift back to that perfect blueprint that is held in every cell will be blocked.  This is the inescapable fact that science is beginning to show us.  And medical intuitives such as Caroline Myss helps us understand in some of the work she does where these blocks emanate from and the work we have to do to clear them.

So, what does all this mean at the practical level.  Well, positive thoughts are better than negative ones, miracles DO happen if you think they can, you must let your emotions flow to be keep healthy, not repress them, and you really must believe with every fibre of your being that good health is your birthright.  If you do, then you can join the growing band of those who have been able to claim it!


Useful tools to help you – flower essences, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Hypnosis, The Journey and other modalities which help you re-engage with yourself.

Further reading:  Molecules of Emotion, Dr Candace Pert.  The Biology of Belief, Dr Bruce Lipton, any of Dr David Hamilton’s books, The Creation of Health Caroline Myss and C Norman Shealy.

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