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SairaI am a holistic health and wellbeing expert, and have spent many year accumulating a wide knowledge and understanding of what contributes to health, well-being and a positive experience of life.

It began with me trying to unravel the many health issues I had that left me wondering, in my mid-thirties, how I would ever make it intact to 40!

I had emotional issues from sexual abuse in childhood that needed resolving, negative belief patterns around who I was and what I was capable of, my default pattern was stressed and fearful and I wanted to be a good person but was terrified everyone would find out that I was awful and not deserving of the good things of life – all that on top of an assortment of physical ailments and aches and pains that had me struggling to see a future for myself.

Oh!  And I was very good at pretending that I hadn’t a care in the world! – have you any idea how much energy THAT took!!!

So much negativity, so much pain! And so very human……

Now, many years on from that low point, I not only have more energy and enthusiasm for life than I had in my 20s, but in healing these issues I also found a new direction helping others sort out their many challenges around health and wellbeing.

The moment the doctor said to me ‘Miss Salmon, you’re a well woman, I can’t find anything wrong with you’ (!!!!)  it released me to take control of my own health and wellness, and start on a journey of discovery that has led to many fascinating areas of study.  I quickly realised that true health is more than just waking up each morning clear-headed and with plenty of energy – although it helps!

Along the way, I met many great mentors and teachers, until I knew enough to start teaching others, and helping them join the dots about what was going wrong in their life.  For those willing to engage with the process the result is…….transformation!  And it can start just by sorting out your IBS, weight issues or energy problems…..


Now, having talked and taught around the world, consulted for global corporates and help a huge number of clients, it is time to start sharing the many facets of my understanding with you in a series of blogs, courses and downloads that can start to help you tackle any issues you have one step at a time

And I’ll be joined on the journey by a fantastic group of colleagues and friends, who will bring their own areas of expertise to the table, and together we will craft some great products to help you towards the health, wealth and happiness that we all deserve!


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