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About Saira

SairaAn independent researcher into all that is required for true well-being both at the physical level and that of the mind and spirit, Saira has spent many years refining her understanding of the real issues that lie behind the many symptoms of illness and imbalance we see around us.

As well as consulting for international companies, talking and teaching internationally, lecturing to fellow therapists and writing articles & health programmes & courses for many years, Saira has run a successful private practice.

Her lifelong love of myth and legend has taken on new life following a move to the beautiful borderlands of Wales where the old gods still dwell.

A lifetime student of the ancient wisdom teachings, a qualified naturopathic nutritionist and holistic health teacher her research into balanced health and well-being takes her from the physical world of the body and the cells into the quantum world of energy and spirit.  Combining the profound wisdom of our ancestors with the cutting edge understandings of modern science, Saira can take complex concepts and make them accessible and has the ability to join seemingly unrelated dots.

Her integrated vision of how both people and the world works have won her a faithful following.  Her own journey of transformation has taken many pathways, both physical and metaphysical, which all inform her approach to helping others live a healthy, authentic and engaged life.

There is always a reason why something happens, why things go out of balance – if you want true healing this is your Grail.  Finding the underlying reasons behind illness, depression and other imbalances – whether its lack of specific nutrients, life style changes or even earth energy interference – is vital if changes are to be made that bring real results, not a temporary fix.  This is one of Saira’s gifts – finding what lies behind the presenting picture and contributes to her unique approach.

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