Earthing – The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

Like every other creature on the planet, we are electrical beings on an electrical planet.  Our evolving understanding of the human body and how it works now encompasses the understanding that every cell is a microscopic electronic ‘machine’.  Mother Earth with her abundance of free electrons is, in effect, a massive battery recharger that modern living now has us disconnected from almost continuously.

The ‘discovery’ of this simple truth was made by a chap called Clinton Ober, a pioneer in the cable TV industry who uncovered the health benefits of Earthing – and had the tenacity and passion to do something about it.

You are a bio-electrical being and Mother Earth is a giant store of negative electrons,  and will discharge and negate quickly the build-up of positive electrons that accumulate in us – but only if we are directly in touch with her surfaces!

A cure for insomnia & stress?

So simple, and yet so profound, this missing link has been so obvious in some respects that it has been overlooked.  And addressing this fundamental issues has been shown to dramatically improve so many common health challenges – insomnia, stress, exhaustion, chronic pain and inflammation, anxiety, premature ageing, the stories are endless of serious conditions being quickly improved.

As a race we love to make things complicated – we have clever brains and are proud of them.  But this is really common sense.  We evolved in partnership with Mother Earth.  She has been shown to have certain vibrational energy grids, and we ourselves match Mother Earth’s vibes.  Probably what you would expect if you took time to think about it!  Areas of disharmony – and there are some (see Geopathic stress) – cause us problems, but for millennia it wasn’t a big issue because we were always in contact with Mother Earth, and disharmonious frequencies were always being discharged as we walked on her, slept on her, sat on her etc.  Our clothing and footwear was conductive and made from natural, organic materials.

Enter the modern age.  It is not just that we now predominantly have synthetic soles to our footwear – much of our clothing is synthetic, our floor covering, the material we use in the home.  We rarely walk barefoot on grass, or sit on it without putting something (synthetic?) between us and it.

And that’s not all.  The problem is made so much worse nowadays given the sea of various energy waves and fields we find ourselves immersed in – microwaves, electromagnetic waves, radio and phone masts for this that and the other.  They all build up and potentially affect us.

The natural frequencies of the Earth keep us healthy.  Disconnected from them, and exposed to – in many cases – an increasing level of harmful frequencies is it any surprise that chronic, degenerative health conditions are on the rise?  That our immune systems are struggling?  That insomnia affects such a large part of the population?  That stress is a constant state of being for so many?

Clinton Ober’s book Earthing will give the information geeks all the facts and figures, but for those of you who just want to know what to do about it, it is simple – walk barefoot on the grass for at least 15 minutes a day!!!  Or, even easier than that, (particularly in a cold climate) sleep on an earthing sheet, and work on an earthing mat.

Job done!  And there is a great website that has everything you need in one place (including Clinton’s book).

For me, this is one of the simplest and more effective things you can do – I would not be without my earthing sheet and mat, and when I stay away for any length of time, I notice the difference.  Friends and clients who have followed my advice also have nothing but good to say of it – so try it for yourself and maybe, just maybe, you’ll prevent and improve serious illness and those aches and pains will subside, you’ll sleep like a baby again and give your batteries a massive recharge!

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