Living in Harmony with the Great Cycles of the Year

Nature works in cycles. These are fundamental to not just humanity, but to life itself.  We see these cycles play out time and time again, and they form one of the fundamental archetypes of Life captured by the Western Wheel of Life or the North American Medicine Wheel.

sun-439440_1920One of the great cycles that it is easy for us to identify and tune into is that of the Solar Festivals.  Mankind is of Nature, and although Man now tends to think of himself as separate to the other animals and plants on the planet, the reality is that the natural cycles of Nature, the turning wheel of the seasons, is as important to our sense of well-being and harmony as it is to any other living thing.

Our forebears lived much more closed aligned with Nature, and celebrated and respected the major points of the year which were both gateways into each season, and marked also the mid-points of the seasons.  The solstices and equinoxes were fixed points of the year, whilst the quarter days or gateways into each season were mutable.

Acknowledging and tuning into these great Solar Festivals that naturally divide up each year into eight equal sections helps modern man to reconnect with his roots, despite living surrounded by concrete and steel and the artificial sun of the electric light bulb, as well as bringing in a sense of rhythm and well-being that nurtures our psyche.

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