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Self Development

Vision of timeLife is a process of ongoing development.  Our early experiences with family, school, the society we live within etc all help to shape us as adults.  But we are never a finished product.  The understanding of neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to lay down new neural networks whatever your age ­– enables us to constantly develop and grow.

Usually when we talk about self-development it is in the context of our career – what skills and qualifications do we need to get further up the career ladder.  But more and more people are realising that being an awake, aware, fully-realised human being is really the major work we are all here to do.  Finding out who we are, our unique skills and talents, our shadow and our light, exploring our belief systems and establishing something that works for us as an individual rather than an outside dogma, finding our passion and purpose in life are important contributions to living a happy and fulfilled life.

An American psychologist called Abraham Maslow established what is now called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, depicted as a pyramid, with basic needs for food, warmth, sleep etc forming the base of the pyramid, working its way up to achieving the full potential of the individual at the top.  Only when one level is satisfied can we move on to the next.

Carl Jung developed the concepts of archetypes – universal energy patterns, – as well as that of the Collective Unconscious which help deepen our understanding of our individual personality traits and psyche.

Joseph Campbell uses the power of myth to enable us to better understand both our individual and collective human experience, and there are thousands of self-development gurus from Jim Rohn to Tony Robbins all helping us to make sense of who we are and what it means to be human.

Why would you bother with all this?  Well, a person on the road to self-actualisation is someone who is exploring and reaching out to the goal of achieving their full potential, confident in who they are and what they are capable of, and happy in their skin.

Holistic health embraces the whole being, and learning to love yourself and love your life are essential components of that.

Under Love Yourself you will find a series of programmes that are all designed to help you with various aspects of the REAL work we are here to do.  This type of learning should be fun and playful.  You are unique, miraculous and have special gifts to shine out into the world.  So let me help you discover a part of yourself you have yet to meet!

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Understanding archetypes, universal energy patterns, recognisable to all, capturing instinctual behaviour patterns gives great insight into who we are and what is playing out daily in our lives.

“Your Inner Goddess” helps you begin to decipher the various feminine archetypes that – male or female – we all encounter daily.  Learn to recognise, understand and play with the various female archetypes as they manifest in your life.

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