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Alchemical Transformation

Choose either a three–month or six-month journey back to balance with this health and well-being transformational coaching package.

Our body holds a blueprint for health and vitality.

But how many of us are truly in balance and aligned with this?

Many things get in the way of achieving this balance

  • Eating the wrong foods for you
  • Not listening to, or understanding, your body’s many messages
  • Stressful lifestyle
  • Emotional issues and negative behavioural patterns
  • Exposure to detrimental environmental influences
  • Lack of adequate nutrients for your circumstances
  • Lack of alignment within Self

To name a few…..

Good health and well-being is not just a matter of luck – although it helps!

The things that influence our physical health and well-being go way beyond just poor diet and genetics – although these can play a part. The myriad different inputs that make up the complexity of who you are, all have a place in this scenario.  And yet we have been taught to look at ourselves as a series of spare parts – a stomach issue here, a sore knee there, frequent headaches in another box.

During our three months journey together we will look in detail at

  • Your current health picture
  • What your own unique set of symptoms are trying to tell you.
  • What kind of eating regime serves you best
  • The underlying issues that are holding you back
  • What is standing in the way of you achieving optimal health
  • Outside influences and what to do about them

And whatever else is needed to bring about a transformation in your health.

I can’t believe the difference that has taken place over the last few months.  Not only do I feel so much better, I am more aware of the impact things I wouldn’t even have thought of before are having!


…the knowledge and understandings you have given me are truly life-changing.  If only I’d known before!
Anne B


Your Alchemical Transformation package includes:

  • Comprehensive Health history profile
  • Body Systems Analysis
  • Life Alchemy Workbook
  • Individually tailored regime
  • Six 1-hour calls with Saira (2 per month) for 3-month package or
  • Twelve 1-hr calls with Saira (2 per month) for 6-month package
  • 1 emergency call if required
  • Email support (Max. 48 hr turnaround)
  • 20% discount off a wide range of supplements and health foods/toiletries

**Bonus for 6-month package – free access to all currently available health and well-being courses and products

What are you waiting for?

It takes a minimum of 3-months for your body’s biochemistry to settle into new, healthier patterns.  During our time together we will set your feet on the path towards a new future

  • Resolving your health issues
  • Being empowered around the choices you make
  • Revolutionising how you see and understand health
  • Knowing which food and lifestyle choices are right for you
  • Clearing detrimental patterns and beliefs
  • Establishing a healthier attitude and understanding

Yes, please!  I want to start my 3-month journey now!

Yes, please!  I want to start my 6-month journey now!

My Journey

My 20 and early 30s were a downward slide with a wide range of niggling health issues that became more and more chronic until I could hardly get out of bed some days, was in constant pain, was tense, irritable and miserable most of the time, had dull, spotty, lifeless skin, constant bloating and digestive issues, foggy brain, aches and pains everywhere and felt like I was hanging on by the fingertips.

And yet my doctor told me I was a well woman.  His tests turned up nothing untoward!

Time for a change of approach!  A variety of holistic health professionals helped me unravel a series of chronic issues and I quickly I came to understand the many – and varied – things that were causing problems.  It was a revelation!!

Health is about so much more than not just being ill!

This launched a new career and a passion for understanding the underlying reasons for ill health and lack of well-being.  My research has taken me into places I couldn’t have even imagined at one time, and my knowledge and understanding of what constitutes true health continues to develop.

Holistic health and well-being encompasses so many different aspects of who we are – our physical body is just the beginning of what needs to be looked at.

So if you want to reclaim your life and find your passion and purpose again let me help you with your own journey back to wholeness!

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