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One-Off Consultation

This 1 1/2 hr consultation will help give you some guidance to the underlying issues that lie behind the symptoms you are suffering.

Orthodox medicine looks at symptoms in isolation.  Complementary and holistic medicine takes a broader view, and looks for the reasons behind the symptoms.

The reasons behind ill health are usually complex and take in various layers of our being – obviously the physical body, but also the mental/emotional aspects of who we are, energetic influences, and the environment in which we live and work to name just a few of the possible contributors to imbalance.

Unpicking this complexity in a single session is unrealistic, but I will be able to give you health and nutritional strategies and recommendations to help your situation, as well as pointing you towards some of the obvious underlying issues that need addressing.

This consultation is for those who are just seeking some understanding and a pointer in the right direction.  Should you wish for ongoing support as you work your way back to health, then please look at either the 3-month or 6-month package that not only gives this support but dives much deeper into addressing imbalances at all levels.

Cost:  £120 for 1.5 hrs
Once you have booked your consultation, you will be sent forms to complete and return before the consultation takes place.  The consultation will either be by phone or Zoom.


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