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Phoenix Journey

Trying to bring about change in your life at a fundamental level is not easy.  And if you are a woman trying to live an authentic life, a life of purpose and meaning, it is even harder.

Surrounded by deeply masculine ideals, structures and ways of doing things, there can be a deep sense of disconnect.

Where do you start?

What is going to make the greatest difference?

What areas need to be addressed?

How do you plan what you need to do?

It can become just another problem, and deeply discouraged …..

you give up!




The Phoenix Journey is your key to setting out on this path, guided and supported to look at different aspects of your life and well-being and inspired for the road ahead.

Spend a day with me for a complete Life & Well-Being Assessment.*(if this is not possible we use zoom)

We will consider where you’re at both from a physical health perspective but also with regard to the many other – usually overlooked – areas that equally impact on your well-being and ability to live a full and joyous life.

We’ll look at who ‘you are’ and where ‘you are’ and together work out a strategy to get you to where you want to be.


As the Phoenix births itself anew, shedding what no longer serves it, emerging radiant and powerful from what has gone before, we will start you on the journey to new, inspired and inspirational version of you, waiting just over the horizon…

This is NOT about sorting out a career plan for you, but more a life plan that speaks to your unique gifts and talents, the things that make your soul sing, and helps you find your authentic voice enabling you to shine your light brightly into the world!

This is NOT for everybody.

If you….

Are happy in your rut

Are looking for a magic bullet

Don’t want to be fully self-responsible

Are not prepared to embrace new approaches and ideas

Don’t want to change your thinking or habits in any way

This is not for you!

However if you…..

Are wanting to shake things up and make things in your life change for the better

Need to get out of your comfort zone and look at life differently

Want to achieve a better understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t

Are looking to bring more flow and harmony into your life

Want a more aligned way of living

Want to fall in love with your life again

Are ready for a challenge and change

Want to update your knowledge and understanding around living well in the world

Better understand your own uniqueness

Identify blocks and blind spots

I am only prepared to work with women who will commit themselves fully to doing what needs to be done and are not full of excuses.  Those who are fully prepared to take responsibility for their actions and choices and embrace growth.

If the thought of this excites you, and you are ready to expand into the next stage of your Being, book a discovery call with me, where we can discuss if this is right for you.

During our time together we will:

Your current physical health and what is holding you back at this level

Identify your core values and desires

Begin to outline a vision and strategy for the life you want to create

Start to plan your goals and how to achieve them

Look at areas that are not aligned with this

Awaken your passion for transformational change.


You will get:

  • one-on-one coaching, a current health plan, a current positioning document, goal planner and timeline to enable you to start to see yourself, where you want to go and how you want to achieve it in a different light.
  • In addition to our day intensive together you will get:
  • 6 follow up calls for accountability, problem-solving, and goal reviews
  • 2 Emergency email support
  • Complimentary access to all available online programmes and courses
  • Complimentary access to all online and virtual training and events for the duration of your programme.

The Phoenix Journey is by application only.

Cost: £1,250  (payment plan available)

Book a discovery session with Saira if you feel drawn to begin the process of transforming your life and up-levelling all aspects of your well-being!




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Feel free to share on social media: