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Join experts from around the world to learn ancient secrets and lost knowledge about our beautiful Mother Earth.
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The Lost Wisdom of the Earth

As many of you are aware we stand at a critical point in both the evolution of Planet Earth and of humanity.

Great waves of energy are pulsing in from the centre of the galaxy, and inevitably these are affecting our solar system.

Both mystics and scientists are seeing these as waves of evolutionary stimulus that are bathing our planet.  All of life on the Planet is having to respond to this and each of us faces a free will choice as to the way we will respond – will it be in an enlightened way that is for the good of all, or will fight hard to hold onto the existing paradigm, which serves few.

A new type of human being is being asked to evolve – one who can hold space for not just the esoteric mysteries of our universe, but also the fact-based knowing of science.  These two great streams need to be woven together if our species is to survive.  Some of the great scientists of our time are already in tune with this, but in a culture which both teachs and worships deep levels of materialism, we have a long way to go.

Our forebears deeply revered Mother Earth and had a profound sense of her being a living, conscious presence in their everyday lives.  They were attuned to Nature, the plants, the trees, the minerals, the stones, as well as the many hidden spirits of Nature which support and nurture every aspect of our planet.

Whilst indigenous cultures retain this deep sense of connection and knowing, in so-called civilised societies most of us have lost this ability to ‘tune in’ and live in sync with the rhythms and cycles of our planet.

We have also lost our attunement to her consciousness and our awareness of how everything we do impacts on every other living organism. We need to remember and re-ignite that sense of connection…..FAST!

For The Lost Wisdom of the Earth telesummit, I have gathered together a variety of amazing speakers who can speak to both the Old Ways of ancient knowing and an understanding of what is needed if we are to have a future.  Each one will have something to offer you in the creating the new vision of how we can live in harmony and balance with all around us.

And it’s not just about head knowledge, but practical everyday steps we can all take that will make a difference – each one of us, no matter who we are or what we do, can contribute to the process of creating the New Earth.

So join us for The Lost Wisdom of the Grail Telesummit.

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Starts 23rd September 2018
(Autumn Equinox)

Speaker Info

This is just some of what our wonderful and wise speakers will be sharing with you…..

Paul Devereux

One of the world’s leading authorities on earth mysteries, geomancy and the ancient secrets of our planet Paul Devereux will share some of his immense knowledge with us.

Patrick MacManaway

Patrick MacManaway will reveal real life experiences of how working with elementals, nature spirits, plant and animal consciousness has a very practical application in increasing dramatically the fertility and yield and wellbeing of both crops and livestock.

Elen Tompkins

The inspirational Elen Tompkins has been gifted with Silver Wheel, The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book, ancient Elven teachings which activate our own otherworldly gifts and memories and are being given back to us today to help navigate our way toward the New Earth.

Orion Foxwood

The inimitable Orion Foxwood bids us heed the all of our original ancestors, the Faery, and their relationship to ecology and Earth mysteries, and listen to what they have to teach us.

Peter Dawkins

Join the seer and philosopher Peter Dawkins as he shares his knowledge of landscape temples, the great landscape angels and the wisdom teachings to which he is privy.


Pamela Montgomery

A passionate spokeswoman for the Green beings and a pioneer of plant consciousness Pam Montgomery talks about spiritual ecology and living in a co-creative partnership with Nature.

Adam Apollo

Discover with Adam Apollo the teachings of the Tuatha De Danaan and the Earth Wisdom of that tradition, as well as many others from Lakota to Hawaiian.

Mare Cromwell

Called ‘The Voice of Mother Earth’ by a Native American Elder Mare Cromwell shares the guidance and wisdom Mother Gaia has to offer to us in these tumultuous times…

Jeremy Rye

Explore what we mean by Sovereignty of the Land with Jeremy Rye, the ancient pilgrimage roots that embodied this and how connecting into this ancient knowing helps us claim our own self-sovereignty.

Michael Dunning

Known as the Yew Shaman, Michael Dunning will share with us some of the mysteries of this most ancient and wise Being, its vast healing energies and the initiatory wisdom to be found within the Yew Mysteries.

Rory Duff

Geobiologist Rory Duff has produced the first-ever classification of ley lines, earth energy lines and nodes and will share with us his understanding of these energies and what is generating them.

Linda Shay

An ambassador for the dolphin community and conduit for the healing energies they have for us, Linda Shay will share her understanding of their consciousness and the gifts they have to offer us.

… and many more …

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