The Lost Wisdom of the Ancestors

Who are the Ancestors?  What do we mean when we talk about this?

All that we are is the sum total of those who have gone before us. 
Their wisdom and understanding are the building blocks of our Society.
We are each our own special blend of magic – but our Ancestors have provided the ingredients – some wonderful and useful, others not so good, or downright harmful.

Here in the West, we lack any cultural understanding or framework for this, and it has been up to each individual to begin to acknowledge the importance of what has come to each of us on the ancestral stream.  Yes, there are gifts and abilities – and these are to be celebrated and given thanks for – but there is also negative ancestral patterning that doesn’t serve us – or our children.

How do we first find this, and then, more importantly, clear it? Does this benefit us?  How does it work?

And this isn’t just at a personal level, but also cultural. Our understanding of who our ancestors were, the stories that make up our culture are an important part of our identity.  But what if they were wrong, what if we have – maybe deliberately – been given incorrect information?

And what about the wisdom teachings that are to be found in every ancient culture and guided our Ancestors world view?  What are these and why does our modern Society ignore what they have to offer.

These things and many more a panel of speakers are going to be exploring in The Lost Wisdom of the Ancestors telesummit. 
This is some of the most important information you’ve never been taught, and it is going to be shared freely with you by world experts in their field.  Wonderful people who are helping others find truth and healing and wholeness and helping to bring us back to an understanding of who we REALLY are.

They will give you a new relationship with our history, insights into how sacred Truths have been kept alive through the ages by a dedicated few, a new understanding of who you are and the reality of your lineage and how it is expressed in you, how it is affecting you moment by moment.  The information and insight you will be given over the course of this summit has the potential to be profoundly life-changing, and I don’t say that lightly.

If you have the courage and the openness and are eager to explore the hidden gems awaiting you, sign up now to ensure you don’t miss a moment of this ground breaking summit.

Speaker Info

Here are just some of the speakers and topics you can look forward to:…..

Jaap van Etten

Accessing the Gifts of the Ancestors
Our Ancestors have left us information in both artefacts and the energy system around us.  We have to learn to connect with these energies in order to access these gifts.  This is like learning a forgotten language – a language our Ancestors knew well.  There are gifts waiting for us – gifts that will help us move into a new future.  We must learn to access them and we have to open and willing to do this.

David Furlong

Healing Your Ancestral Patterns
David has written what is considered by many to be the definitive book on this topic, and will share with us his many years of experience in this field and how the field of epigenetics is now corroborating this information.

Adam Apollo

The Tuatha de Danaan
These ancient people inhabit Irish myth and legend – but there is a growing belief that these stories are NOT myth.  They were a real people, beautiful and wise, skilled in the arts, especially magic, who came to Earth in our distant past.  They have many names, including the Sidhe, the High Elves and the Shining Ones.  Adam takes us on a very personal journey as he gives us the real story of this ancient people.

Elen Sentier

The Old Ways
A shaman, artist and writer Elen was brought up immersed in the old ways of the British Isles.  An awenydd, a spirit keeper, she shares with us some of the old magical ways of Britain and such ancient beings as Elen of the Ways, and why we need to reconnect with our roots.

Cait Branigan

The Ancestors and the Celtic Tradition
A Celtic shaman and ordained Priestess hierophant of the Western Mystery tradition, Cait talks to us about her tradition, and how the Ancestors are woven into this way of understanding the world.

Peter Dawkins

The Ancient Wisdom Teachings
What are the ancient wisdom teachings, and where did they originate?  Taught in temples and mystery schools they were given only to those who would use their knowledge wisely and in service to others.  Eventually supressed by the Church the torch bearers of this knowledge went underground, and is there for us to find today as we trace its hidden and encoded lineage to modern times.

Patrick MacManaway

Working with the Ancestors
Patrick talks to us of his understanding of the Ancestors, and how they are an everyday resource wanting to help and enable us – if only we asked!

Ernesto Ortiz

The Akashic Records
The Akashic Records are a field of consciousness we can ‘visit’ to help heal and understand our past and present.  Ernesto has been working with this field and teaching others to access it for many years.  He talks to us about what are the Akashic Records, why they are an incredibly important healing tool, how we can use the information we find and much more…

Ralph Ellis

Hidden History
Many years ago Ralph stumbled on some information that made him look at the Bible story we have been told in a new light.  The more he researched the historical record the more he uncovered.  The ‘official’ history we have been handed down has been deliberately misrepresented at certain points in history.  And this is important as much of Western culture bases its identity on this. Impeccably researched his interpretation of the facts he found will change your view of what you think you know!

Orion Foxwood

Engaging the Ancestral Stream
The folkloric Faery tradition talks of the River of Blood, which we all arrived here on.  Our lineage is an integral part of who we are and connects us all.  Orion will talk you us of what this means and give us techniques to attune ourselves to these sacred forces.

and many more …

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