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Living with Wheat and Gluten Intolerance

Think you have a wheat or gluten problem?

Don’t worry, your life as you know it is not at an end!  You can still enjoy food without wheat!

In this programme we will be looking at both why this problems might have come about as well as what you can do about it.

Lots of good information to help you replace wheat in your life, cooking without wheat, healing the problems wheat intolerance may have caused, as well as advice from someone who has been where you are today, and lots of recipes and tips to get you started on a wheat-free lifestyle!

For those of you who want to understand the underlying issues there is lots of information of the problems with modern wheat, the part played by glyphosate, the many unexpected places you find wheat as well as information about wheat addiction and the different ways to test whether wheat is a problem.

The programme will give you the support and guidance you need to adjust to a wheat-free lifestyle – and still enjoy great food and your lifestyle!

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