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Metaphysics literally means ‘beyond physics’ and is the study of ‘first causes’.

I tend to think of it as being an understanding of what lies beneath the world of matter which we all inhabit.

The Establishment sees metaphysics as being a branch of philosophy, but as any ancient metaphysician would have told you it is much more than that.  It is the study of ultimate reality and has both a spiritual and esoteric base.

It helps us to understand the principles which underpin the created Universe, and who we are within that Creation.

And why might you want to study and understand metaphysics?

The Universe and reality are not what you have been taught it is….and neither are You.

The Universe …. And You… are so much more.

It is magnificent….and life-changing

And our ancient Wisdom-Keepers knew a thing or two about it!

The following programmes are an introduction to various aspects of metaphysics and the ancient wisdom traditions.

Pathways to Consciousness

Pathways to Consciousness is an accessible comprehensive programme for anyone exploring an esoteric/ spiritual/ metaphysical path or wanting to align themselves with higher vibrational principles

Your Inner Goddesses

Understanding archetypal energies helps us understand not just ourselves, but friends, siblings, lovers, colleagues and family.  Find out which of the classic feminine archetypes you embody, and how to use this understanding to your benefit.

Your Inner Gods

Coming soon…more details here


The gateway between our energetic bodies and physical body, knowledge of chakras has long been an essential tool for expanding levels of awareness, insight and evolution.
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