The Universal Laws course


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You Will Learn…

The Universal Laws will take you through:

  • What are the Laws? What do they mean?
  • Which of the many versions available have merit?
  • How to understand and master the concepts they embody
  • How to work with and apply the Laws to daily life
  • Why you need to understand the Laws and Principles
  • What mastery look like
  • The Law of Attraction, what it means, what’s missing, how to use it

We will look at the following Laws in detail:

  • The Hermetic Laws
  • The Twelve Laws
  • The Eleven Forgotten Laws
  • The Twenty Laws
  • The Nine Metaphysical Laws

And learn where they both differ and concur, and what they mean, whilst distilling them down to the core concepts.

The programme includes a workbook, experiential exercises and simple tools that will enable you to both recognise and work with the Universal Laws in your daily life, to help you change your life for the better.


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