Wheel of Life course


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What Will I Learn?

The Wheel of Life is the expression of the All in the simplest of geometric forms. Amongst the areas we will investigate and explore are:

  • What is the Wheel of Life?
  • Some of the myriad expressions of the Wheel, including:
    • time and space, process and form
    • time cycles
    • Nature cycles
    • Solar and lunar cycles
    • Life cycles
    • Human cycles
    • Initiatory cycles
    • Circadian cycles
    • Astrological cycles
  • Celtic Wheel of the Year
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Sacred symbolism
  • Working with the Wheel of Life
  • Wheel of Life and sacred space
  • Wheel of Life and the elements
  • The Mandala & creating a Wheel of Life mandala

The programme includes experiential exercises and simple tools that will enable you to both recognise and work with the Wheel’s processes as they manifest in your daily life, as well as guidance on how to tune in to its rhythms.


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