What is Grail Wisdom?

Grail Wisdom is a sense of wholeness and connectedness to the great Web of Life. 

 Those who have the Grail Wisdom understand the multi-dimensional world in which we live, and know how best to navigate it to create a life of abundance, fulfilment and joy.  They know who they are and how best to utilise their gifts and talents in service to the world.  They are deeply connected to all Nature, and love the Earth.

Grail Wisdom allows you to live well in the world – mind, body and spirit! – and recognises and values the uniqueness and talents of all.  It celebrates the Divine and dances with the rhythms of Life.


Long ago, the story goes, the Land was beautiful and abundant and there was no lack for anyone.  Everyone was in right relationship with themselves and the world around them.

The fertility, balance and harmony in the Land were maintained by the Well Maidens who each possessed a golden grail cup and platter and lived in sacred springs and wells which connected through to the Otherworld, the source of all Creation.  They would offer food and drink and wisdom to all who came to see them.

Then came an evil King who stole a Well Maiden’s Grail and raped her.  His men, seeing what their king had done, also raped and stole from the Well Maidens.  In sorrow the Well Maidens withdrew from the Land, back to the Otherworld, taking their gifts with them.

Then came the Wasteland…..

The Land failed to thrive and became barren, the springs dried up, the plants withered and the people knew lack and suffering and want.

Today, we live in a modern Wasteland .  So many today are leading lives of quiet desperation

Sick, depressed, unhappy, lacking vitality, disconnected, lost, off balance.

They’ve gone to school, got the qualifications, the job, the house, the car and yet…..something is missing, something vital and life-affirming, something that brings joy instead of despair.


We have lost the Grail Wisdom….And with it has gone all the vitality, colour and joy that is the birthright of every human being…

Why the Grail?

The Grail is a profound symbol of both hope and much of what gives value and brings abundance into our lives. 

It also stands as a symbol for so much of what is lacking from modern life

  • connection to nature and natural rhythms
  • a sense of the sacred in everyday life
  • the wounding to our planet
  • our psyches and our physical bodies
  • balance of the masculine and feminine principles

to name but a few.

At the symbolic level it has the power to help to open people up to the imaginal world where energy and matter meet, a world lost to us by the materialistic and spiritual vacuity of a nihilistic scientific approach.

This is where the magic lives, where health, abundance and life of passion and purpose are yours to create….

Many people see what it has to offer as being unattainable, or just out of reach – it isn’t.

By reconnecting with the Grail Wisdom you too can reclaim what has been lost, and join the many who are coming back to a life of wholeness and connection, purpose and abundance.

As each person heals and is made whole….so the Land heals and is made whole.


The Grail Containers

YOU are the Grail Essence – unique, profound and eternal.

And you are held within the Grail cup of the physical body and its health, which itself is held within the Grail of your home domain, and the Grail of our beautiful Mother Earth.

Each of these three containers holds your essence, the essence that nurtures and sustains you. By developing our understanding and knowledge – the Grail Wisdom –  and working to bring these back into balance, each of us can overcome and thrive in a world that has fallen out of harmony with itself

Bringing each of these Grail cups back into harmony and balance transforms not just how you live and work, but your relationship with everything around you.

The Grail Wisdom teaches us how to nourish ourselves at every level, and find right relationship and connection so we can thrive – and when you thrive you can truly start to live your full potential.

Each of these Grail containers, when balanced, holds you, nurtures you and sustains you, creating a beautiful and harmonious way to live.

Properly held, nurtured, and sustained we can all create the life we want, the Society we dream of, the abundance that is the birthright of each of us.


We hold the blueprint for health, for happiness and an abundant life within us – and yet most of us are taught only what takes us away from this.

Your quest for the Grail Wisdom will bring you back to wholeness, back to yourself and to right relationship with the Land and everything around you.


The Grail Cup of Your Physical Body                                  The Grail Cup of Your Domain                                     The Grail Cup of Mother Earth


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