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Hi, I’m Saira

Health and well-being!  So necessary to living well and yet…..many of us struggle to achieve it.

That’s where I come in!

For years I’ve been helping people improve their health and well-being and cut through the confusing morass of propaganda, misinformation and downright nonsense that is to be found so they can live well and thrive in a difficult world.

Holistic Health is quite simply all about you – not just your physical body, but your emotions, your environment, how you feel about yourself and so much more

Here I share with you all I have learned in programmes, books, courses and even blogs.  Love Your Body covers physical issues, whilst Love Yourself covers other aspects of being.

Life is a precious gift, to be enjoyed.  Don’t let health and lifestyle issues prevent you from living well.  Join me today on the journey back to health, vitality and well-being.

Life is for Living!


Time to explore!

Holistic Health

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Love Your Body

Discover how I can help you love your body

Love Yourself

You are more than just a physical body.  We’re going to explore fun and interesting way to help you Love Yourself!

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The latest blog posts…….

Are You Hangry?

Dreadful word isn't it - but basically its shorthand for hungry and irritable! In the new terminology that makes you hangry. Being hangry also makes you one of the many people who suffer from blood sugar imbalances which see your moods go from nice Dr Jekyll to...

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Probiotics for Health!

Probiotics! Nowadays you trip across this word a lot – on television adverts, in the newspapers, in the health food shop and with health practitioners. Go looking for them and you will find an enormous range, all of which are quite costly. There is now an enormous...

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What’s the Best Diet?

I'm often asked 'What's the best diet' and there really is no simple answer to this. There is no single type of diet that suits everyone, as we are all individual in our body’s requirements. There are, however, a few simple rules that can be followed that are...

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Foods That Make Us Fat

Weight is a big issue. We live in a society where we are surrounded by choice when it comes to foods, and the consequences of those choices can make a big difference to not only our weight, but our general state of health. Where are so many of us going wrong? For many...

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To Cleanse or Not To Cleanse?

Let’s start with the big question—why would you want to cleanse?  Or to be more fashionable we can call it a detox. Really, the short answer is—why wouldn’t you. Orthodox medicine says that your liver, kidneys, lungs, skin etc cope on a daily basis with the onslaught...

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