Lost Wisdom of the Ancestors

Who are the Ancestors?  What do we mean when we talk about this?

All that we are is the sum total of those who have gone before us.
Their wisdom and understanding are the building blocks of our Society.
We are each our own special blend of magic – but our Ancestors have provided the ingredients – some wonderful and useful, others not so good, or downright harmful.

Here in the West, we lack any cultural understanding or framework for this, and it has been up to each individual to begin to acknowledge the importance of what has come to each of us on the ancestral stream.  Yes, there are gifts and abilities – and these are to be celebrated and given thanks for – but there is also negative ancestral patterning that doesn’t serve us – or our children.

How do we first find this, and then, more importantly, clear it? Does this benefit us?  How does it work?

And this isn’t just at a personal level, but also cultural. Our understanding of who our ancestors were, the stories that make up our culture are an important part of our identity.  But what if they were wrong, what if we have – maybe deliberately – been given incorrect information?

And what about the wisdom teachings that are to be found in every ancient culture and guided our Ancestors world view?  What are these and why does our modern Society ignore what they have to offer.

David Furlong – Ancestral Healing

In this talk, Dr David Furlong will explore how the lives of your ancestors impact on your current life. These ancestors reflected out through our family patterns, are a powerful source of both inspiration and conflict. In the West, we have forgotten much of this ‘native’ wisdom, yet the voices of our ancestors are calling to be acknowledged and balanced as energies with us. These patterns can influence our lives in all sorts of subtle ways and it is only by integrating and resolving these dynamic energies can one find the freedom to express and to be our true Self. In our journey through life, we need to take steps to resolve the karma of both ourselves and our ancestors


Elen Sentier – The Old Ways

A shaman, artist and writer Elen was brought up immersed in the old ways of the British Isles.  An awenydd, a spirit keeper, she shares with us some of the old magical ways of Britain and such ancient beings as Elen of the Ways, and why we need to reconnect with our roots.


Adam Apollo – The Tuatha de Danaan

These ancient people inhabit Irish myth and legend – but there is a growing belief that these stories are NOT myth.  They were a real people, beautiful and wise, skilled in the arts, especially magic, who came to Earth in our distant past.  They have many names, including the Sidhe, the High Elves and the Shining Ones.  Adam takes us on a very personal journey as he gives us the real story of this ancient people.

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Ernesto Ortiz – The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a field of consciousness we can ‘visit’ to help heal and understand our past and present.  Ernesto has been working with this field and teaching others to access it for many years.  He talks to us about what are the Akashic Records, why they are an incredibly important healing tool, how we can use the information we find and much more….


Jaap Van Etten – Accessing the Gifts of the Ancestors

Our Ancestors have left us information in both artefacts and the energy system around us.   We have to learn to connect with these energies in order to access these gifts.  This is like learning a forgotten language – a language our Ancestors knew well.  There are gifts waiting for us – gifts that will help us move into a new future.  We must learn to access them and we have to open and willing to do this.


Mayella Almazon – Ancestral Inheritance

Trained in a variety of native traditions, as well indigenous energetic and ancestral healing techniques, and with a background in neurolinguistics Mayella’s work centres particularly on the impact our ancestral inheritance has on our everyday lives.  She talks to us about her work, her understanding of the impact of ancestral inheritance and how we can heal our timeline.


Emma Farrell – Reclaiming Our Indigenous Roots in Nature

We are nature, not separate from it, but what does this mean to us in our modern world? How did our ancestors understand their relationship with the natural world? And how can we bring that wisdom of the ancients into a modern context? If we all addressed this fundamental issue the world would be a significantly different and more harmonious place. It is well known that the destruction of the environment and mental health are intrinsically linked, so how can we address this when the aggressive systems of agriculture, energy production and pollution are out of our hands? In this interview Emma will discuss the great teachings of the plants and how they are stepping forward at this time to remind us of our ancient ways and how we can bring indigenous wisdom back into the world around us for health and spiritual wellbeing.

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Peter Dawkins – The Ancient Wisdom Teachings

What are the ancient wisdom teachings, and where did they originate?  Taught in temples and mystery schools they were given only to those who would use their knowledge wisely and in service to others.  Eventually suppressed by the Church the torch bearers of this knowledge went underground, and is there for us to find today as we trace its hidden and encoded lineage to modern times.


Patrick MacManaway – Working with the Ancestors

Patrick talks to us of his understanding of the Ancestors, and how they are an everyday resource wanting to help and enable us – if only we asked!


Ralph Ellis -Hidden History

Many years ago Ralph stumbled on some information that made him look at the Bible story we have been told in a new light.  The more he researched the historical record the more he uncovered.  The ‘official’ history we have been handed down has been deliberately misrepresented at certain points in history.  And this is important as much of Western culture bases its identity on this. Impeccably researched his interpretation of the facts he found will change your view of what you think you know!

Orion Foxwood -Engaging the Ancestral Stream

We cannot curse the roots and bless the fruits!

We are all part of a genetic stream of ancestry that extends back though us to our parents and back though them to each previous generation with each successive generation forming a gateway through which the next arrives, as it has been since the beginning of humanity’s time on earth. In folkloric Faery tradition this was known as “The River of Blood” and each of us are as boats of flesh riding this stream. We arrived here from it. It is flowing in and through us and we are pouring into it with every breath we take until our blood flows back to the “unseen stream” thru the gate of death. The River of Blood is one (undivided) in nature and thus it connects all of humanity as one linage of life formed from the greater life of earth. A disconnect from this truth fuels some of the toxic elements of human pathology and the behaviours that grow from it that threatens the continuance of our species and the health of our planet.

In this interview, Orion will speak about the “Illusion of Isolation”, the “dangerous disconnect” and the compassionate calling, ancestral entanglements and entrenchments, the false-death, the concept of “Ancestral Healers”, and the topology of the River of Blood. ” He will attune us to these sacred forces by sharing the following techniques:

  • The Seven-Fold Alignment
  • The Well of Knowing
  • Visionary Introduction to the River of Blood


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Maria Wheatley  – Exploring the Long Skulled Race

There were two types of long and round skulled people living side by side in ancient Britain.  Historically in ancient Sumer and Egypt, people with elongated shaped heads were associated with royalty.  Well known examples include the Pharoah Akenaten and his queen Nefertiti.  Numerous elongates skulls have also been found in Peru, but few people are aware that elongated skulls have been found in long barrows on Salisbury plain – and most of them show evidence of violent death.  Enigmatic and anatomically different these people designed and created numerous ancient sites.  However, towards the end of their reign they were hunted down and their memory was erased from history.

Maria will also talk to us about her research into the geomagnetic energies these people were clearing working with.


Cait Branigan – The Ancestors and the Celtic Tradition

A Celtic shaman and ordained Priestess hierophant of the Western Mystery tradition, Cait talks to us about her tradition, and how the Ancestors are woven into this way of understanding the world.

Paul O’Halloran – From Solider to Shaman:  The Healing Path

Paul talks to us about what led him to exploring an then training in a variety of Shamanic traditions.  It was a path that was deeply healing for him, and as he tells us his story he gives us wonderful insight and stories around shamanic techniques and life-changing healing they can bring.


David Leesley

Whilst on an expedition to Zaire (Congo), David visited the Mount Nyirangongo volcano and upset a powerful Sulphur elemental for the intrusion into a Holy Place for the Ancestors.  The Guardian of the Element of Sulphur cursed him and for 30 years he suffered chronic insomnia as a result.

Born on the Isle of Man his quest to find answers led him back to his roots and he was initiated into a Celtic Wiccan coven, trained in complimentary therapies, and studied Druidry, Shamanism and dowsing.

Responding to a call from Spirit he travelled to Vanuatu in 2003, and an extraordinary series of synchronicities led to him being trained and initiated, over nine consecutive years into the The White Serpent lineage by High Chief Wai Wai Rawi of The Black Serpent lineage, receiving the highest tribal Grade as High Chief and Yeramanu (shaman/skull keeper), thus fulfilling the ancient tribal Creation Myth of reconnecting the Black and White Serpents.

This enabled David to be further initiated to connect with Kassoso, the feared Dragon Men, and, along with High Chief Wai Wai Rawi, are the only living Chiefs privileged to do so.

Many consider that our ancestors only go back about seven generations or so. This is a limited belief system, as our ancestors go back to the first Form out of No Form, Beings of pure Light, The Shining Ones, High Elves.

It is time to reconnect and remember our mythological lineages, to reactivate our mythological DNA within our Light Bodies so we can download and activate our Cosmic Light Codes, thereby remembering who we are, where we are from and why we are here.


Saira Salmon – Ancient Wisdom for Today

All that we are is the sum total of those who have gone before us.  Ancient wisdom, ancient teachings are generally seen as being rather dry and dusty and the realm of academia or, even worse, little more than fairy stories and myths.

And yet…..more and more we are finding we are having to return to the wisdom of our ancestors if we are not only going to make this world work, but keep ourselves whole and healthy.

A lifelong student of the Ancient Wisdom, Saira will take you through aspects and understandings which are as relevant today as they were long ago for those who wish to heal both themselves and the great wounds in humanity, and give you a road map to begin to follow back to health and wholeness.


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